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      S H I P P I N G

      How much is it to ship my order?

      As a small business, I occasionally adjust my shipping rates.  I aim to provide affordable shipping to customers while also keeping up with the ever rising shipping costs my business incurs.  Currently we offer a $5 flat-rate shipping on all orders.  There will be a slight increase to this rate in November 2022. 

      A P P A R E L

      What if my shirt doesn't fit?  Do you offer exchanges?
      I wish I could be Amazon Prime and give everyone free returns and exchanges but that's really hard for small businesses working with smaller margins and higher shipping costs. I will do everything I possibly can to make sure you get items that fit you the best!  Please look carefully at the sizing info provided in the product listing before making an order. If you need to exchange a size you will need to simply return your item and purchase a new one.  

      How do I return something?
      It helps if you email me about returns so I can be aware of what is being sent back to me!  If you are returning because of preference (changed your mind, wrong size, etc. ) package may be sent back at customer's expense to the address listed below and include the packing slip in the package as well. If you do not have your packing slip, simply print off the copy you received in your order at the time of purchase. Once the item is received and pending is in new condition, a refund will be issued of the product value. (Original shipping costs are not refunded).  Return process must begin within 30 days of purchase. NOTE: Wax melts are non-refundable.  

      6700 N Linder Rd 
      Ste 156A Box 405
      Meridian, ID 83646

      G E N E R A L

      Can you email me one of your files so I can use it in my own stuff?
      I'm flattered, but no.  These are all my personal designs, and protected under copyright so I ask that you don't try to re-create them yourselves, either. If you are interested in something custom, just shoot me an email at hello@ShopWellsCo.com and we can chat to see if it's an option!

      S T I C K E R S

      How are your stickers packaged?
      Each sticker comes individually packaged in a plastic sleeve on a white card.  They're perfectly adorable for gifting!

      Can your stickers get wet?
      Absolutely!  They are professionally printed on high quality vinyl and designed to be pretty durable in the elements.  They can be used on water bottles, laptop cases, cars, just about anything.  I have run my water bottles through the dishwasher and they come out just fine but I do recommend hand washing things like that for the longest durability.  (Does your water bottle REALLY need a 2-hour wash cycle?? Mine don't! haha.)

      W A X

      Do I need a special wax warmer to use your melts?  
      Nope!  Any standard wax warmer will do.  Most are run on low-wattage bulbs to slowly melt wax and release fragrance.